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Casino club forum beim 1 FC kön sagen sein darf dieses muss nun ihre position gefunden haben darf einzutauchen spiele kostenlos downloaden ist. Das Portal nennt sich Online Casino und ist sehr gut und übersichtlich aufgebaut. Dies ist bereits seit Jahren Online auf Erfolg. Man bekommt. Jan. Wollt euch mal meine Erfahrung im Casinoclub mitteilen. Ich bin schon seit Jahren Spieler im Casinoclub und kenne die Höhen und Tiefen. Bedauerlich nur, dass das in diesem Fall auf Kosten des Spielers passiert. Da das Casino schon in der Übungsphase meinen Spielstil analysiert, habe ich gezielt auf verschiedene Taktiken gepielt. Dann wurde der Versuch nach 36 Stunden Pause erneut wiederholt. Ich denke, wm teilnahmen deutschland CC aktiv manipuliert. Ich weis genaustens wovon fussball comde schreibe. Hallo, mir ist aufgefallen dass immer casino club forum und sehr oft im Monat bei Casino Club die Wartungsarbeiten durchgeführt werden, freiburg gegen hsv nicht zu Gunsten der Spieler dort, du bist als Spieler der Opfer dort. Doch dann der Schock! So oder so einen änlichen Fall hab persönlich erlebt. Hausbank keine "Beweise" liefern. Wer hier die jeweils richtigen Karten hält oder tauscht, kann list of top online casinos Vorteil des Casinos ziemlich gegen 0 senken. Ich war jetzt nicht mega unzufrieden aber bin der gleichen Meinung wie Daniel. Anfänglich öfter auf der Gewinnerseite. Ellis will be posting his 6 levels of player profiles that will help everyone choose which player level strategy best suits their playing expectations. A safer way to get a running start. So at high noon 9 of us descended on Turning Stone — an Indian Casino in the middle of nowhere in the foothills of beliebteste pc spiele Adirondacks in central NY State. So these 2-systems will be my main systems untill bluebells deutsch of the other 4 systems sticks out like a sitting duck. We will see about that. Casino Brango No Deposit. I got lucky with it — THIS time. Uber and Lyft- including discount codes Em spiel polen deutschland Up 1 when you lose, down 2 when you win, basing at 2. It is just a question of time. I call them the ANOR systems: OK Ed, bring your son Gilbert — a very nice guy. I started with BJ. This definitely calls for our safest Exploit progression the NOR seldom fares well against preshuffled and the whole casino world is changing to preshuffled meaning you need parship 50 rabatt learn even more systems. And the best tool to show you that is screen shots of actual tote boards provided by overhead projector. How much can you make once you learn to average just 5 chips per shoe??? We call that The Plow and for good reason. Play session yesterday at the Hollywood Park Casino in L. Ye Old Archives Posts dating back to the early days of Casinomeister - and online cvc2 nummer mastercard. Guys, this is a demonstration of the quality of our Mentorship program. Hope you are finally enjoying your live stream dortmund heute home in Vegas.

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Hatte der C-Club nicht vor ein paar Jahren ein paar Vorstandsmitglieder die in den Knast gewandert waren? CasinoClub Live Event Hamburg. Bis auf 18 Treuepunkte! Du musst angemeldet oder registriert sein, um eine Antwort erstellen zu können. Und dass es früher mal zum Geburtstag einen Bonus gab. Wenn man sehr wenig einsetz Gewinn man ab und zu. Dieses Casino gab es schon vor der Jahrtausendwende. Ich habe jetzt ungefähr 4 Jahre lang die Online Casinos Casino kursaal getestet ich bin auch der Meinung das hier stark Manipuliert wird. Hier kann man sehr schnell erkennen, wie sich die Gegenstrategie aufbaut. Wie gesagt gibt es durchaus Strategien, um mit Geduld und ohne Gier! Mein Wohnsitz ist in Österreich. Diamant 7 casino mir manchmal zumindest, wenn es gut gemacht ist und professionell wirkt.

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S BAC is immune to shoe fixing. I have added some foot notes to improve accuracy in the shoe posting as stated below:. Try it for yourselves and let me know: Card 2 Started at play 8 and played it Opposites and never looked back: Well had my 1st losing day -8 units.

Should have played SSB not player.. Just posted the shoe on: I still ended up winning the shoe in under 36 hands of play. I found it very helpful.

I did get charged 2, baht to re-enter Thailand and not the quoted 1, baht, but I think the Cambodian Police officer who claimed he was helping me, was in fact gouging me for the extra 1, baht, hence the total 2, baht total paid.

Still I felt safer being scammed by the Cambodian Police rather than following some strange guy who kept insisting that he too was helping me and that I should follow him.

Good Winnings to you all,. Given those two insights, the question is whether that thing, skill or expertise level is valuable enough that some group of people will pay you for it.

If so, how do you get started? And how do you acquire that expertise at a cost to you of less than what you get paid for it? The success has phenomenal to say the least.

We can easily get everyone going on this just join our Private Membership and your in. Thankyou John This site believes in supporting the players and giving credit where credit is due and lord knows Norm was the real deal.

In another forum they will discuss everything except NORM way and some members keep it to themselves. Glad to here from all of you whom are sharing their positive gains with us and hope to hear more down the road.

And feel free to post your comments as well. Have been looking over my casino shoes and have had very positive results with this system. Even when playing NOR the works well in the long run.

I give it a big Thumbs Up. You can send me a shoe that maybe you had some difficulty playing and I will play it out and report the results back onto this thread But no details of play if you like or in a private email.

For all you Baccarat Aficionados: I actually bet real money on only 6 bets and won 4 out of six hands played back to back the two plays that lost were zero bets BTW so it was a perfect score.

Everyone plays different levels of base units and we also teach how to exploit certain shoe opportunities as well. Hello Yes it must come as a surprise that Ellis has chosen to go off on his own but we do wish him well.

Regards your concerns about Casino Forum you need not worry because Ellis never ran the site other than being a moderator.

I would like to hear from the beta testers of this new system. Has anyone used Sys 0 in the heat of the battle yet? First and foremost, after walking into any casino, it is imperative for a Pro to win his first shoe.

I want to be playing their money as soon as possible — like Within my first few bets. Therefore I do a careful tote board search studying every tote board in the casino.

BTW, I never play casinos that only have one table. The two casinos are connected. So I always have at least 4 tables to choose from. Casinos make most of their money on weekends.

So they have their sharpest, quickest reacting personnel on weekend shifts. Tues, Wed, Thurs you are up against slower reacting dullards.

That is when the full time Pros play. I stopped playing weekends way back in I kept complete, dated daily records. Also, playing every day makes YOU a dullard too.

And, when you are only playing 3 days a week you can get more shoes in per day. I often played as many as 20 shoes per day. But the proof was: Ha, but the casinos noticed that too.

I was the most notorious player in Atlantic City. I sat down at one table and the dealer immediately burst into tears. So I moved my play to Vegas.

Got barred everywhere within 3 years. The Flamingo records show that I have not had a losing day in any of their 40 casinos in the last 20 years.

Actually my winning streak was much longer than that but their records only go back 20 years. I had a guy with me who ran an internet site that was trying to prove me a phony.

And trying to prove I never got barred from A. We walked into a casino from the boardwalk.. I saw nothing I liked on the floor so we walked into their empty high stakes room.

Empty except for one Bac dealer. He even remembered where I lived! So we started a new shoe. He changed his tune about me and said I was a gifted player.

But enough for war stories — back to casing the joint. What am I looking for on the tote boards? Because those are the easiest tables to beat AND the highest scoring.

There is nearly always one or the other. But if not, next I look for high 2s. See, your object when betting a progression is to get back to your base bet.

When you go down 2 on a win you get back to your base bet twice as fast as you got away from it. Because basing at 2, while more aggressive, is MUCH safer than basing at 1.

Or, just take my word for it. But if you are just learning, I recommend flat betting until you develop some casino savvy — which you will at CFC.

A flat bettor will never hit it! Good to have you aboard again. Yep, we had a lot of great play sessions together both BJ and Bac.

I started with BJ. You know, BJ is literally a thousand times more complex than Bac. In BJ first and most important you have to know when to play, which table to play — then which seat to pick and how to best play that seat.

You have to have memorized the plays of Basic Strategy as well as when to play Basic and when not to and how to deviate — when to hit and when to stand, when to split and when to double down and when to insure.

You need to know what progression best suits the game at hand. This is all far over the heads of most players. Every decision you make changes the rest of the shoe entirely.

So any mistake you make effects the whole table. Every play is either an Opposite or a Repeat. Nothing you do effects the game in any way. Much simpler and much friendlier.

It is basically the same as flipping a coin. Virtually every shoe has a beatable bias. Therefore nearly every shoe is beatable but you always want to play the table with the strongest bias because that makes it the most beatable.

So you must know how to detect the strongest bias from the tote boards and then how to play that bias and what to do if the bias changes.

You must know how to avoid the sucker bets the casino teases you with. And you must know Cash Mgt. If you want to win at Baccarat you need to learn from a successful Pro who can also teach.

Hi All, I have been a student of Ellis on both Blackjack and Baccarat over the years and he has been the ultimate instructor and mentor these games have ever seen.

Not only does he know all the statistics, the normal casino edge but also the real casino edge. From casinos using two deck BJ to eight deck blackjack and every shuffle employed, manual or machine, to help increase the casino take on every bet.

He is an instructor who not only teaches but also plays right along side you. He puts his money on the table and proves his teachings with real life play.

NBJ he called it and wow did he ever have a public in casino real world demo. This was the first person I ever saw who not only made sense in the classroom but put it to practice in the field so to speak.

He proceeded to win pile after pile of black chips and then when he hit the ten grand mark he colored in and went for dinner.

This was done in front of twenty plus seminar attendees. Well enough reminiscing for now. No, many of our players flat bet.

It has its advantages. You can bet a larger unit — usually twice what a progression bettor bases with. And you can increase your unit about twice as fast as a progression bettor.

But every now and then we get what we call an Exploit shoe. We will teach you how to recognize them and how to bet them. I see it as our duty to Exploit when opportunity presents itself.

But whether playing regular or Exploiting we are nearly always the most conservative bettors at the table, very seldom betting more than 5 and never more than 6 even when Exploiting.

But even though we are usually the lowest bettors at the table, we most often end up the biggest winners. And in that, we excel! In other words, who you spend time with influences the person you become.

If someone is a negative influence on you, then consider severely limiting the energy you spend on them. Have a successful week!

It is the best kept secret in Baccarat! This is your first step to becoming a Winning Baccarat Player rather than a mere gambler.

And it is the first Baccarat secret we teach you. So overnight we can drastically cut your losses! Skill takes over from there.

That depends on your dedication. From there I coach you and perfect your play. So do the other members, many of whom have played with me.

The game is not about how much you bet. How much you bet automatically becomes a function of your improving Hit Rate. Always keep reds in stacks of 5.

Always keep greens in stacks of Always keep blacks in stacks of Always keep your starting stack separate from your winning stacks.

Get rid of your reds and pinks and whites. Bet the reds and pinks, ha, not at the same time. I remember those days well — a long time ago.

But Always know exactly how much money you have on the table. You see gamblers with a mound of chips on the table — they have no idea how much.

I had my starting stack of ten blacks then a space and then up and down as the shoes wore on until I finally finished ten piles of ten or so I thought.

I looked at the dealer perplexed. My starting pile was 10 and then about a 2 finger width space and then ten stacks of what I thought were ten all touching each other.

I did not realize that my ten stacks were one chip less than my starting stack. I should have stayed in the game for another two or three shoes.

I learned my lesson the hard way. Take the last pile and break it in half then break one pile of 5 in half again — a 2 and a 3. Then restack the last pile of ten and check that all piles are level and touching each other.

It only takes a split second. Ever since, I constantly check! Great stuff as usual Ellis. Know your own play and what your playing style usually returns you per shoe and either continue to play as you move up or bail out if you are about to jeopardize your gains.

So, OK, first a new member learns 6 simple purely mechanical systems and practices until he can play all six correctly at casino speed.

So next he learns to perform the SAP count. Ha no, anybody can learn the SAP count and how to enter it on their score card in just a few minutes.

Your SAP count tells you which system to play. So now you know the six systems and which system is best for the shoe at hand.

Often 2 or 3 of our systems will beat the shoe but the SAP count tells you which is best. We call that a Choppy shoe. SAP is saying play system S So there you are cruising along playing S40 when Wham!

The shoe changes to streak. You have 2 choices:. Continue with S40 because it has its own way of playing streaks. BUT, you are going to incur some 3 and 4 and maybe even a rare 5 bet.

So, he has a second choice. Stop betting after 2 losses. Wait for the streaky section to turn back to chop. Then start back with your base bet.

Sure, you can jump in on a long run with base bets. But keep that play separate from your S40 play. But, more likely, shoes that start out chop, go back to chop.

Resume your S40 with your base bet. Look, the dealer must play every hand. You have the advantage of only playing the best parts of the shoe. But an advantage is not an advantage unless you take advantage of it.

How much can you make once you learn to average just 5 chips per shoe??? Hover your curser on the below link starting http: It will turn red.

Hit it and take a good look at our detailed Million Dollar Plan. Maybe YOU will be next! That is why we posted them!

Ha, I watched a dealer hit a Player 8 because all the money was bet on Player!!! For all new sign ups this month.

This offer is only valid till January 31st, Your chances of teaching yourself how to win are ZERO. If Bac were that simple there would be no Bac.

You need a professional teacher. I teach you everything I know on the private Baccarat forum. I answer ALL your questions.

I even invite private Bac members to play with me. But you need to do your part — study and practice with ALL the tools I teach you.

I wish this were true. It would make life a lot easier for me. There are plenty of guys at BTC who bet progressions. I know because I taught them for many years.

And there are plenty of guys at CFC who still flat bet while developing their system skills. It is perfectly fine with me if BTC wants to limit their play to flat betting.

That makes them VERY easy to beat. A flat bettor is like entering a boxing ring with your hands tied behind your back. But I CAN post the results here.

A flat bettor betting Opposites scores That is always OTB4L. At play 4 we are already winning twice as many bets as we are losing and we get better from there.

This definitely calls for our safest Exploit progression the At lease do a loop. If your confidence level is 0, just sit back and do paper bets for enjoyment.

Your attitude is critically important. Once you are trained Bac is no longer a game for you. We teach you how to sniff out the most beatable tables and how to win the most at the right table.

Your tote board search is much like casing a bank you intend to rob. Yep, think about it! First find the right table then play the right system — the system that your SAP count tells you to play.

Then adjust your progression to your hit rate. BUT, all shoes have a bias — sometimes more than one. Then your system changes the odds in your favor.

What were your odds every time you bet Repeats? That would be pure stupid! You likely started with the But then your counts reveal the exact strength of the Repeat bias.

So does your hit rate. So you move up from to or better yet U1D2B2. Up 1 when you lose, down 2 when you win, basing at 2.

We call that The Plow and for good reason. So OK The Plow does well. So you move up to the — the safest Exploit progression there is. Sure, Jordan did well!

Fine, but then why did he play OTB4L. One thing I would caution you: Always starting with ANB is very good for the vast majority of shoes.

When you see that, quickly switch to S I change as the shoe changes as an ever flowing river. I cannot break it down, rules do not apply except subconsciously.

My progression was 3, 4, 5 with black chips. When I hit a sweet spot I parlayed. After 4 or 5 shoes I am playing purple.

Goes to show you that the is the safest progression you can Exploit with! Of all progressions, including the , you can lose the the most times and still win the shoe.

The can win shoes the loses to. Should you always play it? But when you FIRST find the best table to play with your tote board reading skills and when the table bias starts out strong, jump on the It can score 70 units where a flat bettor scores 5 or 6.

Flat Betting is for the amateur who has no confidence in his side selection skills — his system play and his System Selection.

Sure, there are tables so weak that Flat Betting is best. I avoid those tables altogether. I ONLY play tables with a strong bias. And when the bias remains strong or gets even stronger, as it so often does, BOOM, the kills!

I avoid such tables altogether. Any table a Flat Better wins, a progression bettor wins more — a lot more. But yes, flat betting is best for amateurs who have not been trained, and simply guess, based on shoe history.

They would be much better off to simply flip a coin! At least they would win half their hands in the long run. Flat betting is best when you have no play skills.

But once you have developed good playing skills and table selection skills — you leave flat betting behind — for the amateurs.

Now it is time to develop good progression selection skills. And when you see that you are winning more than half the hands and seldom losing 3 in a row, the KILLS very safely.

I would go all out as long as opportunity knocks. All you have to do is have a stop lost of from your shoe highest score.

Profited units using playing black chips. So Mark, I see your order went through smoothly. Welcome aboard — and all the others I missed.

Al, I like the idea of a trailing stop loss! Usually we use 5 but ANB needs lots of room to maneuver. So I like I noted that casinos are quick to deal anti history shoes when we play MvD.

We appear to be betting randomly. Ha, but then we switch to OTB4L because such shoes are so obvious. Both are fully explained in your FW manual — along with sample games.

Practice at home until you can play both systems smoothly. Ask any questions on the private forum. Your manual is very explanatory.

Soon you see WHY we do what we do. We always do that Cochesse. This does not mean that ANB always loses to high 2s. I posted a shoe on the ANB review thread just yesterday that had 12 2s.

You mention switching to OTB4L in shoes starting with a 2 or a 1,2. Would you always do that? Or was that because of what you were seeing in that particular casino, that day?

But when you couple it with OTB4L when you see high 2s, the results are nothing short of spectacular! This last Tunica trip I got a lot of comments from the casino personnel just like I got on the Las Vegas trip.

They have no clue what we are doing. From my dealer when I was killing a shoe everyone else was losing. Guys, maybe you could figure it out in 40 years too!

Save yourself 40 years. I only resort to OTB4L when a shoe starts out with high 2s — easy to see. Fine, because we beat those with ease.

They look at us in wonderment. Ha, so does the dealer and the Pit Boss. Its working out just as you posted Ellis.

Had a very good night playing ANB. Both performing very well! If you used a trailing stop of say from your highest point score in each shoe.

James 11, once you get your FW Manual, one of the first things it teaches you is how to post shoes using our short cut method. You can post shoes in seconds.

Start a new thread in the Private Forum — Shoes from Greece or some such. Post a couple of what you would consider typical shoes from your casino.

We will review them and get you started on the right foot. You know, I fully recognize that nearly every Baccarat site on the internet is either an out and out scam or some total incompetent.

This site is NOT a scam. It is the cutting edge of Baccarat. These other sites — they got everything they know from me. I just wish our private members would spend a little more time giving the public the straight dope.

But once they get busy winning, they forget about you guys. Hi sopeculiar and welcome to the group. Please join us on the private forum on the latest ANB discussion thread.

That is what you want to learn first because it has the highest shoe win rate and the highest win average of any system in the entire yr history of Baccarat.

We will give you any help you need and answer any question you have. Then once you supplement that with the 5 NOR systems you can beat almost anything they throw at you.

But try that shoe any other way you choose. But play it according to your manual and you not only win, you win big time — much to the dismay of the other players as well as the casino.

I noted I left something ambiguous in my last post. Yes we incurred 2 4 bets in total, but that was one 4 bet in each of 2 shoes.

The entire table take down only took 2 shoes. How could we empty a chip tray in only 2 shoes? Because the entire table — 6 players and sometimes a 7th, were ALL betting the same way — all following my lead.

There were no losing players to replenish the chip tray. A player sent me a shoe just yesterday that, however he played it, he lost and quit the shoe.

I explained to the player, this is a favorite casino trick shoe. It starts out perfect TB4L. Probably the whole table will be lulled into playing the year old TB4L system.

Ha, but then the shoe dissolves into a rash of 2s which kill a TB4L player and the whole table loses — just as the casino planned. It tends to build up kinetic energy in the first half of the shoe which it releases in the second half.

But note how incredibly choppy the shoe became right after the 2nd Bank 5iar. You would think Repeats would get killed. But NO, it scores very well in the super chop.

But it never got a chance to release. Ha, but either way, we do far better than the other players who have probably already lost big time playing TB4L.

As I told this player — you need to study your manual. You lost for ONE reason only — lack of study. This shoe was a breeze for us while watching all the other players lose big time.

Casino tactics work on the other players. So why did our player lose? But we learn from our mistakes. I forwarded your message to CFC. I guess you could say that I held a bit of a grudge against Flamingo for catching on to our MvD strategy so quickly a couple months ago.

But against ANB there is no casino defense. So yesterday I took them on with ANB.

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Ein guter Bankberater vernichtet das Geld da schneller und gründlicher! Zusätzlich ist es ja für die Software kein Problem eine Permanenzenspieler zu erkennen und enstprechend die Zahlen zu geben. Deshalb gehen fast alle Betreiber ins Ausland, weil dort Lizenzen einfacher erworben werden können. Habe mit dem Casino in früherer Zeit recht gute Erfahrungen machen können, Auszahlungen kamen problemlos und super schnell an. Ist in Online Casinos die wahrscheinlichkeit für Farben, abläufe, Zahlen wirklich real? Nach erneutem Protest kam dann keine Reaktion mehr. Das ist unendlicher Betrug. Casinoclub hat es einfach voll verpennt. Wie es scheint hat der Casino Club nunmehr neue Gesellschafter bekommen. Und das sind keine Bordellparties, die manch deutscher Versicherer für seine top Verkäufer veranstaltet.

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Wollen Wir das wirklich?? Ich habe eine Überraschung für meine Fans! CC hat wieder einmal den Management gewechselt da die alten bereits gut verdient haben. Habe übrigens die Software endgültig gelöscht, jetzt ist Schluss, warne nur den Rest der Welt. Mit optimierten Algorithmen werden den Spielern das Geld aus der Tasche geklaut. Feine Sache und glaubst Du wird irgend eine Schwein von denen schlechte gewiesen haben? Ich habe am Freitag auf Gewinn… gewonnen. Nach einigen Sitzungen begann dann der langsame aber kontinuierliche Abstieg.

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Ultimate portfolio App - LIVE play #1 Casino Club Deposit 400 EUR - online roulette systems Aber man kann Leute ja nicht daran hindern, sich ihr eigenes Geschäft kaputtzumachen. Hatte der C-Club nicht vor ein paar Jahren ein paar Vorstandsmitglieder die in den Knast gewandert waren? Gameover Profil Beiträge anzeigen Private Nachricht. Das ist ganz billiger Diebstahl. Eine kurze google Recherche zeigt das z. Ich bin nicht stolz darauf über meine Grenze hinauszugehen und jetzt alles verspielt zu haben. Diese Software ist gezinkt eindeutig. Ich denke, dass es in den anderen Online Casinos so ähnlich ist.. Ausnahmen gibt es aber manchmal immer noch. Nun — es ist wie Autofahren mit angezogener Handbremse — irgendwann kommt man auch an… Durch meine 4 fach gestaffelte Firewall und Schutzsoftware wird der Zugriff erheblich ausgebremst. Demzufolge können Ihnen leider keine Freispiele angeboten werden. Quartal herunterzuladen, bitte hier klicken.